Localised SUrface Plasmon REsonance in highly doped seMiconductors for infrarEd Biosensing

SUPREME-B is a scientific projet funded by the French agency for research, ANR.

The SUPREME-B objective is to develop a new kind of biosensors based on all-semiconductor plasmonics.
At the end, SUPREME-B will have achieved:

  • The Design and fabrication of an optimised localised surface plasmon resonator (LSPR) based on highly doped semiconductors (HDSC) device, to reach resonances in the 6-15 µm IR range for surface enhanced IR absoprtion (SEIRA) or surface plasmon resonance (SPR) measurements, with at least one-order-of-magnitude enhancement of the near electromagnetic field of the LSPR compared to the state-of-art.
  • The integration of the HDSC-based LSPR structure to a label-free biosensor (without label molecule which amplifies the target signal) by functionalising the surface of the InAsSb resonators.

Funded by ANR